Bottura at Berlucchi Palazzo Lana. We got the menu!

Last week we wrote….
No news yet about the menu…but the NTT will discover it soon!
and the NTT did it!

Here the amazing menu that Massimo Bottura created for this unique night

Let’s start with “Una lenticchia meglio del caviale”:  A ‘better than caviar’ lentil.
A gamelike where lentils lie down over ice with acid cream and dill.
“La parte croccante di una lasagna”,  the lasagna crunchy side.
Both dishes will be paired with Cellarius Rosé 2011, Franciacorta
Then another Bottura must, the answer to the dilemma should Tortellini be served with broth or crème fraîche? “Compromesso Storico: Tortellini in crema densa di Parmigiano Reggiano”,Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 15.17.39Chef Massimo is coming out with a surprising solution.. paired with Berlucchi ’61 Nature 2009, ‘A true expression of our territory, says PR Cristina Ziliani, combining Chardonnay to Pinot Nero. More surprises, from the  “Psychedelic Spin Painted Veal, not Flame Grilled” paired with Palazzo Lana Extrême 2007Caesar salad in bloom”  to the Oops! Mi è caduta la crostata al limone…” My pie felt down… A lemon cake,  zabaione vervain sorbet, bergamot e candied fruit.

Entrata sede - ph Cazzani 2008 copy

Franciacorta, Friday, July 1 2016
It will be a special night at the luxurious 17 Century
Palazzo Lana Berlucchi Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.28.52 An exclusive dinner hosted by the emperors of the renowned
Italian sparkling wine Berlucchi, King Arturo Ziliani and Queen Cristina,
with a menu created by His Majesty three Michelin stars Chef
Massimo Bottura
of Osteria Francescana Modena. Massimo BotturaBottura, proclaimed # 2 in the world by prestigious The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,
will offer his ingenious creations paired with
Vintage, the Reserves and the best Berlucchi Franciacorta.
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