Alta Badia, Italy. LET’S HAVE A MOUNTAIN PICNIC! (italian and english version)


In Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage site, picnics are back in fashion. You can order a picnic basket from ten refuges taking part in this initiative and enjoy your meal in the peaceful meadows next to the hut.
In Alta Badia, nel cuore delle Dolomiti patrimonio mondiale dell’UNESCO, i picnic sono tornati di moda. Puoi ordinare un cestino da picnic da dieci rifugi che prendono parte a questa iniziativa e goditi il ​​tuo pasto in prati tranquilli.
Una delle proposte enogastronomiche si chiama “Mountain Picnic”, che consente ai visitatori di gustare i migliori prodotti dell’Alto Adige, comodamente sdraiati in un pascolo verde a 2000 metri sul livello del mare. I turisti possono ordinare un cestino presso le dieci capanne che prendono parte all’iniziativa. Ogni rifugio offre una selezione diversa basata su specialità e prodotti locali. Dopo aver raccolto il cestino da picnic, ti verrà anche fornita una coperta…indipensabile per un classico pic nic !
One of the food and wine proposals is called “Mountain Picnic”, which allows visitors to taste the best products of South Tyrol, while comfortably lying in a green pasture at 2000 metres above sea level. Tourists can order a picnic basket with a unique menu at the ten huts taking part in the initiative. Each mountain hut offers a different selection based on local specialities and products. Upon collecting your picnic basket, you’ll also be given a blanket – no good picnic is complete without one! – and you can enjoy your picnic in the meadows near the huts. This allows all excursion enthusiasts to choose a safe spot to enjoy lunch.The baskets can be purchased in advance by contacting the hut or collected directly, with no prior order, at the participating mountain huts.

Ütia Crëp de Munt: Local sliced meats and cheeses, dumplings salad with “turtres” (local speciality, fried pastry filled with ricotta cheese and spinach or sauerkraut), apple strudel.
Ütia I Tablá: Appetizer based on speck, smoked salami, local cheeses and bread, BIO barley salad, Alto Adige natural yoghurt with blueberry compote, Alto Adige apple.
Ütia Pralongiá: Fresh goat cheese wrapped in speck on salad with a honey dressing, venison ham, stewed sauerkraut and “föies da soni” (fried potatoes pastry), local yoghurt with wild berries and crumble.
Ütia de Bioch: Speck, smoked salami, pickles, hard boiled egg, horseradish, apple, cheese, bread, barley soup and “turtres”, Linzer cake.
Ütia Jimmi: Fresh cheese with mountain herbs, walnuts, tomatoes preserved in oil and local salami, venison burger, rustic bread, sauerkraut salad with crunchy speck, mayonnaise with juniper aroma, local venison meat, hazelnut tart with wild berry jam.
Ütia Saraghes: Appetizer with mixed cold meats made by “Lüch da Ciampidel farm”, including speck and cold salami, mixed salad leaves with fresh local cheese, hard boiled eggs (from free range chickens from a local farm) and smoked ham with an aromatic herb dressing, homemade chocolate and hazelnut cake with red currant jam.
Ütia Lée: Summer salad with strips of beef, wrap with speck and Fodom-cheese, carrot cake.
Ütia Las Vegas: Mixed salad with Mozzarella cheese, Püccia bread with cutlet, Linzer cake.
Ütia Franz Kostner: Mixed appetizer of local products, “Piz da Lech” pasta salad, dessert of the mountaineer.
Ütia Boconara: Boconara appetizer with cold meats, own smoked salami, local cheeses, spelt salad, fruit salad or strudel.
Once you have finished your picnic, you can bring the baskets back to the hut, showing respect to the natural landscape by leaving the meadow as you found it. The baskets will be sanitised before being used again. Prices range from 20 to 28 Euro per person depending on the menu selection.
Ecco le malghe e i menu

Ütia Crëp de Munt: affettati e formaggi locali, insalata di gnocchi con “turtres” (specialità locale, pasta fritta ripiena di ricotta e spinaci o crauti), strudel di mele.
Ütia I Tablá: Antipasto a base di speck, salame affumicato, formaggi e pane locali, insalata di orzo BIO, yogurt naturale altoatesino con composta di mirtilli, mela altoatesina.
Ütia Pralongiá: formaggio di capra avvolto in speck su insalata con salsa di miele, prosciutto di cervo, crauti in umido e “föies da soni” (yogurt di patate fritte), yogurt locale con frutti di bosco e crumble.
Ütia de Bioch: Speck, salame affumicato, sottaceti, uovo sodo, rafano, mela, formaggio, pane, zuppa d’orzo e “turtres”, torta Linzer.
Ütia Jimmi: formaggio fresco con erbe di montagna, noci, pomodori conservati sott’olio e salame locale, hamburger di cervo, pane rustico, insalata di crauti con speck croccante, maionese con aroma di ginepro, carne di cervo locale, crostata di nocciole con marmellata di frutti di bosco.
Ütia Saraghes: Antipasto con salumi misti della “fattoria Lüch da Ciampidel”, tra cui speck e salame freddo, foglie di insalata mista con formaggio fresco locale, uova sode (da polli ruspanti di una fattoria locale) e prosciutto affumicato con aroma salsa alle erbe, torta fatta in casa al cioccolato e nocciole con marmellata di ribes rosso.
Ütia Lée: insalata estiva con strisce di manzo, impacco con speck e formaggio Fodom, torta di carote
Ütia Las Vegas: insalata mista con mozzarella, pane Püccia con cotoletta, torta Linzer.
Ütia Franz Kostner: antipasto misto di prodotti locali, insalata di pasta “Piz da Lech”, dessert dell’alpinista.
Ütia Boconara: antipasto di boconara con salumi, salame affumicato, formaggi locali, insalata di farro, macedonia o strudel.
Il prezzo di un cestino varia da 20 a 28 Euro a seconda del menu scelto

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Chef Stefano Maddalin, cadorino by birth, after 5 years of hotel school and various experiences around Italy, he is currently taking care of the restaurant La Žìria, located at the Hotel Monaco Sport Hotel, Santo Stefano di Cadore, in the province of Belluno,Italy.
I met him in his native village, a magical location in the heart of Val Comelico, ideal to spend the holidays in complete freedom, surrounded by wilderness of the majestic Dolomites Mountain.Stefano showed up with a beautiful basket of porcini mushrooms just delivered minutes before. Our conversation went obviously right to the ‘king of mushroom’ Let’s talk about porcini .How to pick them up? How to clean?
Simply use your hands and a small knife. first digging the heart, then reaching the root and cutting with the knife. To take them home, use a wicker basket, possibly with wide intercom, so the spores can pass through  the cracks and return to sow the ground.
Never store them in plastic bags. Remove the earth with a small knife, then brush the remaining dirt with a small brush. Never throw them underwater because they get damaged.
A local dish to pair porcini ?
Typically cervo in salmì, dear slowly marinated and cooked with red wine and spices, to take away that wild taste, a common mistake is to sprinkle on some lemon, I don’t like that, I prefer to garnish or top with cocoa, raspberries or blueberries.
Let’s imagine that you are the guest of honor on the final episode of TV Master Chef, what would you create to impress the audience?
Well, I worked in starred restaurants, where the dished and the presentation could be very laborious, but personally I prefer the simplicity, a dish where the ingredients are synonymous of reality and they are not disguised by other flavors.
A twist of your traditional mountain cuisine?

Canederli as a dessert. Canederli are bread dumplings and can be considered part of ‘cucina povera’ (cuisine of the poor), as they are made of simple and inexpensive ingredients: stale bread moistened with milk and bound with eggs and a small amount of flour. I sweeten them and topped with berries jam and elevated them to a tasty dessert.


Cut the porcini very thin and garnished with fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes or simply sprinkled with parmesan, salt pepper and lemon, you can add some fresh arrugula and toss with balsamic vinaigre.

La Žìria
Hotel Monaco Sport Hotel,
Santo Stefano di Cadore, (Belluno),Italy.