Sciacchetrà: it’s time to toast !

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Imagine: a secret bottle kept in the cave for years (sometimes more than 30). It’s the rich and velvety wine called sciacchetrà. This aged treasure resurges in occasion of a wedding as the greatest gift that the family of the groom could offer to the bride’s family. I had the privilege of opening a bottle than was more than 10 years old. It reminded me of a rich passito straw wine, sweet and liqueur-like.
The color is intense: from golden shades to amber. The taste is a fruity, floral bouquet that reminds of a Mediterranean garden: scents of nuts, apricot jam, nectarine, vanilla, chestnut honey and spices.
Where can you drink the best sciacchetra’?
Cinque Terre, a piece of the Ligurian coastline, just West of the border with Tuscany. MonterossoVernazzaCornigliaManarola and Riomaggiore are five multi-colored borghi (villages) overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.CINQUE terre 5 copyThey are pretty close to each other, a few minutes distance by car or train. Better yet, a boat will take you back and forth, making an unforgettable five stop mini cruise. If you like to hike, you can also reach them via a beautiful trail and enjoy spectacular sea views.

Spectacular view from the terrace

Spectacular from the terrace at La Torretta Guesthouse

Stay at “LA TORRETTA”, Cinque Terre, Ligury


“LA TORRETTA”, Cinque Terre, Ligury

A gentle yet accurate reception, bottles of Italian prosecco and Cuban rum welcome you in one of the ten gorgeous sunny rooms that harmoniously mix a combination of antique and contemporary pieces.

My suite with a nice welcome! an iced bottle of prosecco

My suite with a nice welcome! an iced bottle of prosecco

SAM_3185 copyMost of them have balcony overlooking the vineyards to one side and the blue Mediterranean to the other. At breakfast time, the “buongiorno” , is a real “good morning” thanks to Gabriele’s Mamma who prepares the most delicious torte salate (salted cakes with fresh vegetables) and the succulent torta di riso ( a rice cake traditionally cooked every year con August 10th, but available here every morning! ). All this goodies enhance a generous breakfast with local cheeses, meats, home-made patisserie, fresh squeeze oranges.

Mamma does breakfast. Do not miss her "torte salate" and the traditional rice cake!

Mamma does breakfast. Do not miss her “torte salate” and the traditional rice cake!

Enjoy one ( or more…) glass of wine offered at your arrival or served at the sunset aperitivo time in the terrace that boasts a spectacular views of the stunning Bay.

Spectacular view from the terrace

Spectacular view from the terrace

Superbly located in the centre of the wonderfully picturesque village of Manarola a once-in-a-lifetime ultimate destination in beautiful Cinque Terre, Ligury, Ital. Reservation a must. Here the link