ORO (gold) 1 Michelin Starred restaurant located in the exclusive Hotel Cipriani, Venice, is re-opening with a new formula as well as offering an unprecedented opportunity:
to dine at the only one table overlooking the lagoon, from Wednesday to Saturday eveningin the relaxing atmosphere of the Giudecca island. Chef Davide Bisetto raises the concept of uniqueness and, in this particular Covid summer, has the courage to surprise with brilliant elegance. For the occasion, Oro is transformed and rediscovers the pleasure of conviviality at the table, where the Chef is the master of the house and welcomes his guests to the one and only table… interacting in every way, from the kitchen to the dining room.Here, wrapped in the purest intimacy, the lucky diners will immediately know that they are going to live a unique experience. There is no menu but a list of ingredients that  according  the chef discovers and collect every day at the market.The cuisine becomes familiar with the local tradition and is structured around the concepts of courtyard, vegetable garden and lagoon, rigorously with ingredients at zero km chosen, collected and interpreted by Chef Bisetto. The symbolic products of the lagoon also enhance up the mise en place, thanks to the original artifacts of local artisans: Murano glass domes to remember the Basilica of San Marco and the precious hand-woven Burano lace.Finally, the soundtrack!
Guests are invited to choose their favorite music, to accompany the evening and mark the succession of courses.
That’s a true, unique, golden pampering!

Reservation is (obviuosly) mandatory
By Phone +39 041 2408505
By EMail,

Ristorante Oro, Venezia

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LAITE: when a restaurant is more than an adventure…

Text and Photos by Cesare Zucca

You know that Mr. NTT (Non Touristy Tourist)  is always eager to know of hidden gem destinations and unusual venues, well …my adventure with Laite started in the luscious Tiepolo’s Gallery, a sumptuous hall in Palazzo Clerici, one of Milan’s most charming 17th century historic palace, where Champagne Veuve Clicquot Milan hosted ‘Atelier des Grandes Dames’ as a grand tribute to Madame Clicquot, Grande Dame Of Champagne.
The event was intented to promote a network of women’s catering talent who have been able to assert their entrepreneurship and their professional style.Special guests of the evening were 10 top female starred Italian Chefs, including Fabrizia Meroi.
As soon as they announced that her restaurant was located in Sappada (Belluno) … I had a shock. Sappada is an enchanting little village surrounded by the spectacular Dolomites. My mother was born there and my family spent many summer vacations.
I meet Fabrizia and promised her to try Laite cuisine during my next trip to Sappada.
And I did it!
Laite’s two cozy wooden rooms bring back a family atmosphere with echoes of times gone-by. It lies amongst an ancient village sourrended by the spectacular Dolomites. The village of Sappada is a hidden gem where houses are mixed with old tabiè (barns), where the windows are enriched by colorful cascades of carnations.Laite continues to seduce its guests with the skillfully prepared dishes of Fabrizia Meroi and the superb hospitality (and knowledge of wines) provided by Roberto Brovedani.  Daring Fabrizia creates a never-ending stream of new dishes that suggest intuition and imagination, like the unprecedented Venus Black Rice Tagliolino, made from the deconstruction of black rice, surprisingly reivented as pasta and served with cabbage, smoked ham and kummel, wisely paired with Rève Velenosi Pecorino white wine.


As starters, I tried a delicious eggplant with saurnchotte (Sappada traditional sour ricotta) and a soft mousse of peppers.





and Francesca hit dish: Cervofondente, tender deer marinated 6 hours with spices, sugar cane, moss foam, goodbye, local wild herb and served with tubers and roots and zested with a tear of circus, pine resin …
paired to a high-quality Mosel Riesling dry Riesling by Villa Huesgen/By The Glass.
Fabrizia loves to harmonize tradition with creativity like in the Tortello all’Uovo, new version of the raditional tortello pasta, here filled with a semi-boiled egg yolk and topped with anis and porcini Mushrooms and served with burned butter. What about those gialletti, delicious chantarelles marinated in kefir and flavored with chamomille and beetroot to garnish a tender veal? New inventions in a menu that respect the local cuisine


To end the feast, the refreshing trio: apricot, rhubarb and pees sorbets, paired to a seductive Anselmi 2016 I Capitelli with amber reflections and intriguing aromas of apricot jam, orange blossom honey, orange peel and dried figs. My story feels the athmosphere of a cozy place with friendly friendly service and an amazing top chef. Not cheap but worth every euro. And very good Fabrizia’s version of sopa coada, a classic regional pizza dish from Treviso.
I missed that this time, but summer 2018 will arrive sooner or later … and I’ll be back!

Via Hoffe 10, 32047 Sappada (BL) Italy
T: +39 0435 46 90 70