EVERY 2 YEARS WORLD GOES…………. “CHEESE!” Where: Little town of Bra, Piedmont, Italy

September 20-23, 2013    Try some amazing cheeses. wines and traditional dishes. http://cheese.slowfood.it                                                                                             Cheese is a FREE event held in the streets and squares of Bra’s historic center, where you will find the Market, thematic spaces (Slow Food stand, the Literary Café and the Biodiversity House) and other entertainment and education activities. There is a cost for the following: tastings in the Great Hall of Cheese and Enoteca, Taste Workshops, Dinner Dates and Master of Food courses. Limited places are available for the Dinner Dates, Taste Workshops and Master of Food courses at Cheese, so it is essential to book in advance, here or by writing to prenotazioni@slowfood.it.