This is a cool memory, when I took a pic of great Director Ferzan Ozpetek at Lincolm Center , NY , for the Open Roads Film Festival

by Cesare Zucca

i had the pleasure to meet and interview Ferzan Ozpetek in New York, in occasion of Open Roads Film Festival at Lincolm Center.
Ferzan Özpetek is a successful Turkish-Italian film director and screenwriter, residing in Italy.I felt like Ferzan was a longtime friend, funny, cool, totally easy to be with,

Ferzan hotel was just right in front of Central Park “ Let’s go for a walk in the Park.” suggested Ozpeteck and I had the blast interviewing , or I should say chatting with him .

Ozpetek international hit “Mine vaganti”, in french and english version

Same cozy feeling in the one and half hour solo show FERZANEIDE, that Ferzan performed last night at Teatro Franco Parenti, in Milan. With a direct line with the audience, Ferzan  tells moments of his life while behind his back the photos of his life pass: him as a child, his beautiful and elegant mother, his brothers, his friends, his ” travelling companion” as Ferzan likes to call Simone, the love of his life.
Ozpetek “steals” and borrows from the reality that surrounds him and sublimates it in his cinema. Everything seems to be the result of coincidences and fortuitous events, of intersections, of the joints that life puts before us .
The impression was that of having been invited to a dinner where there is a guest of a certain importance who wants to just entertain his friends.Meetings, dinners on the terrace, love, flavors and many, many colours.
His stories open doors and windows not only in the soul of the protagonist, but also in that of the listener. Welcome to “Ferzaneide”, the wonderful world of Ferzan Ozpetek.






Teatro Franco Parenti

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