Liberi di Sognare (Free to Dream)

by Cesare Zucca

The theatrical company I Legnanesi was born in 1949, in an oratory of Legnano, led by late Felice Musazzi. The exclusively male nature of the company is due to an ancient ecclesiastical ban that prevented to women to act with men, so that women’s roles were interpreted by the same male actors in disguise, talking in the Legnanese dialect. The company became famous and performed in mayor theaters, gaining great popularity and winning several awards.

Let’s meet the Colombo Family: Antonio Provasio (who also is director and co-author with Mitia Del Brocco) is the unsikable Teresa, Enrico Darceri (stage and costumes designer) plays the flamboyant Mabilia (a flamboyant spinster eternally hunting for a rich man). Italo Giglioli (a well respected cabaret comedian) is the husband Giovanni, a quite simple man who does not disdain a good glass (or more) of wine.

In their new adventure, seams that fortune finally enters the life of the Colombos: Mabilia just met the son (played by Maicol Trotta) of one of the most powerful families in Italy.

Mabilia is one step away from fulfilling her life’s dream, it will only be enough for her parents to pretend for a few hours what they have never been: rich and powerful! by pretending to be the creators of the succesful frozen fish “Bastoncini Findus”

Well , go and check yourself Liberi di Sognare, a show that delivers a great cast, sparkling boys, songs, sumptuous costumes and colorful numbers, that span from an old fashion burlesque diva moment to flowered Van Gogh painting.

Teresa says that dreams are wishes for happiness… and that’s right, everyone sooner or later in life dreams of achieving something that makes us happy, all that escorted by rhythm, laughter and tradition kermesse. Let’ dream the with the Legnanesi.

from left Enrico Dalceri, Antonio Provaso, Italo Giglioli

Liberi di Sognare will perform at Teatro RePower . Milan, till February 19, 2023.

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