COMME CHEZ SOI, Brussels. History, tradition, taste and the incomparable Chef Rigolet

I am in the suggestive Place Rouppe, where at number 23, we discover a French bistro deco atmosphere. To welcome you the delightful Laurence, wife of Lionel Rigolet, the chef of Comme chez Soi  that means ‘like at home’, a name born almost a century ago, when the restaurant was still called ‘Chez Georges’.

It seems that a customer, satisfied with the lunch, complimented the cuisine of the chef who had brought him back to the delicious dishes of ‘his home’ … And he was right, from then until today the historic restaurant shines with a superb and innovative interpretation of local recipes. With a touch of comfort and fine opulence. starting with the tables set with the finest Flemish silk, the silver cutlery and the elegant Besserat chalice as a welcome

I met Lionel Rigolet for a … delightful interview.

Hello Chef, when was ‘Comme chez Soi’ born?
In 1926, today we are the fourth generation and I can proudly say that my son Loïc will continue the tradition
Your first memory in the kitchen?
At eight years old. I have always loved to browse while my mother cooked and every now and then I made myself a cheese tart or a sandwich, simple things that I liked to customize with some unusual toppings …

Carrè di faraona con pinoli salsa Aurelie

Do you mean you were already in the ‘chef mood’?
Probably, the fact is that I started very young, first helping my uncle in his ‘cremerie’ and then attending the hotel school where I met my wife. After few spending few months at Comme chez Soi , I started travelling abroad, in Italy, a country that I love, where beauty is everywhere: in art, in things and in local products, one of them is the wonderful hazelnut of Piedmont, and then Switzerland, Alsace, France.
What about Belgium?
(smiling) Imagine, I went back to Brussels  just two days before the wedding… the rest is history!

Cat fish , asparagi, senape, crescione e moussoline di dragoncello

Do you cook at home?
(smiles again) Yes, and it’ s always and only me, since my wife is dedicated to her family.
I like to cook and for friends by improvising new solutions and simply going on the classic. What can I tell you? I love to cook … even when I am invited to a friend’s house, sooner or later you will find me in their kitchen, where I like to improvise, lend a hand, transmit and collect emotions


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