A PLAY? AN INTERVIEW? A CONFESSION? All that and much more… A LOVE STORY ? Definetely yes!

At Teatro Carcano, Milan

Italian iconic actors Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassman are the protagonists of this unpublished Romeo and Juliet that the company Babilonia Teatri, winner of the Silver Lion at the 2016 Biennale Theater has drawn from William Shakespeare.
Ugo and Paola sweet and deep togetherness, makes a couple who have been linked for more than fifty years, creating emotional moments, So it is their acting which is moving and profound. It makes them concrete and however poetic they never sound courtly.
The profound and irreverent gaze that characterizes the company framed Shakespeare’s great classic with a radical overturning of perspective making the absolute protagonist of the show a stainless couple like the one formed by Pagliai and Gassman.
The new version of “Romeo and Juliet” focuses entirely on the protagonists of the story, putting aside the whole outline: the war between their respective families, Romeo’s friends, Juliet’s parents and the friar.

Yesterday and today

And the show asks us how much this story is also ours, how much is that of the actors who interpret it, how long it can still survive itself after having accompanied us
i would like to mention the ending moment at the tomb with which Shakespeare punctuates the entire text, here take on a veracity that shocks and excites us, pushing us to empathize with the actors on the stage “. The age of Romeo and Juliet changes, but the combination of Love and Death on which Shakespeare’s masterpiece is based remains present.

At Teatro Carcano, Milan
till April 24TH , 2022

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