The ‘2022 REGINA COLOMBA’ contest awards two Queens

Milan, Italy.
32 ‘colombe’ (doves) coming for 12 Italian regions, have been the protagosts of the amazing 2022 Regina Colomba contest’ an annual traditional Easter cake competition, created by Stanislao Porzio.
Are you familiar with this traditional sweet tribute to peace?
Here a little history.
Colomba di Pasqua is a traditional Italian Easter yeast bread. It is shaped like a dove (colomba in Italian), the symbol of peace and resurrection. The birth of the colomba dates back to the year 572, when King Alboin, after three years of siege, captured the town of Pavia in northern Italy on Easter Eve. Evading the guards, an old baker was able to reach the king and offer a dove-shaped leavened bread. “Alboin,” he said, “I offer this symbol, as a tribute to peace, on Easter day.” The sweet scent and the convincing message persuaded the king to give a promise of peace.

That’s the legend.
The dove we know today has a more recent origin and, I should say, a more prosaic version of the history.

The shape of the sweet dove is a choice dictated not only by symbolism, but also to welcome the arrival of the spring. The is cake was (and still is) a huge success. It is typically soft, fragrant outside and moist inside, naturally leavened for a whole night, then filled with a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and candied orange.,
After a long rest, the dough is portioned in different sizes for an additional four hours of leavening, then covered with almonds and sugar.
After baking, it must rest at least seven hours before it is finally packaged.

The 2022 Regina Colomba event, held yesterday in Milan celebrated the tradition, while 32 ‘colombe’ were presented, photographed, smelled, tasted and finally scored by a panel of professional jury (including me. yeah)).

2022 Regina Colomba event, held yesterday in Milan

And the winners are…

Yes! Two colombe scored the first position…
That is a very good news. since this Easter we will have a double treat!
Enjoy this pleasantly soft, amazingly spongy and intensely fragrant sweet message of peace!

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