Corsica boasts a rich tradition in terms of cured meats: from prisuttu (smoked ham), to figatellu (pork liver sausage), to pulpone (coppa). Among the cheeses, the Bleu de Corse (aged 6 months and spicy flavor) and the brocciu, made from goat or sheep’s milk and with a flavor similar to that of ricotta but much more intense, stand out.

il tipico formaggio’ brocciu’

With brocciu is made the most typical Corsican dessert, the fiadone, considered a national treasure and honored by the ‘Confraternita del Fiadone’, active promoter of this specialty with a robust flavor and intense aroma, perfect if coupled with a goblet of Muscat from Cap Corse.
This dessert often changes its name, in Ajaccio it is called imbrucciata.



  • 500 gr di broccio o formaggio fresco di pecora
  • 4 uova
  • Una pasta frolla
  • Scorza di limone o d’arancia
  • 150 a 200 gr di zucchero

Mantecate i tuorli con lo zucchero.
Mescolate bene, aggiungete la scorza di limone o d’arancia, la pasta deve essere liscia.
Montate a neve gli albumi e aggiungeteli al composto.
Versate l’impasto in tortiera rotonda di cui avrete coperto il fondo con carta da forno.
Infornate a 180C° per circa 35 minuti.
Lasciate raffreddare e fate riposare in frigo per 2 ore

Imbrucciata di Ajaccio

Where to eat while in Ajaccio

Waiting for the proclamation of the new Michelin France 2022 stars, which will take place at the end of March, here are three restaurants recommended by the prestigious Guide, all committed to offering Mediterranean, contemporary and seasonal cuisine, enriched by fish dishes often revisited with flair and flavor.
The Ecrìn
Seasonal cuisine, fresh and well done. The swordfish caught on the line, prepared in tataki and seasoned with ginger, stands out. In summer, a small and welcoming terrace.
A Terrace
A delightful terrace offers a fabulous view over the Gulf of Ajaccio. At the table, you will discover a contemporary cuisine of Mediterranean inspiration. It will reopen at the end of March.
A Nepita
It takes its name from the wild marjoram, the most aromatic of Corsica.
Chef Simon Andrews creates excellent cuisine every day, synonymous with freshness and flavor.?

Piatti ‘gourmet’ di 3 ristoranti top a Ajaccio. Da sinistra: L’Ecrìn, A Terrazza, A Nepita

Traghetti per la Corsica

Turismo Ajaccio

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