Fano, Italy. Discover a delicious fish dish!

By Cesare Zucca

Italy. Fano is a seaside resort and town, located about 12 kilometers southeast of Pesaro.
It is the third largest city in the Marche Region and a tourist destination for those looking for a first-rate cultural, historical and environmental heritage.

Fano offers visitors, tourists and locals the opportunity to enjoy the sea and the delightful countryside of the hinterland. If you have never visited Fano, I suggest you to add it in the list of future weekends.
You will not be disappointed!

La Torre d’Augusto

No to be missed
L’Arco di AugustoPalazzo Montevecchio
il Giardino Storico di Piazzale Leopardi
Fontana della Fortuna
Mura Augustee ( Augustus Walls)

Le mura Augstee e la Fontana della Fortuna

Maria Nuova Church
Piazza XX Settembre
Museum Civico e Pinacoteca nel Palazzo Malatestiano hosting the magnificent Guercino‘s painting “The Guardian Angel”

Guercino‘s painting “The Guardian Angel”

Every Year Fano celebrates the most iconic local fish dish : the brodetto .
The brodetto is a dish born on board fishing boats as a soup of “poor fish”. A super mixture of mazzole, monkfish, dogfish, weever, ray, boccaincava, St. Peter’s fish, mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, redfish were cooked with oil, onion, tomato paste and vinegar.

The brodetto is the result of the historical and profitable “cultural” and “material” exchange between fishermen and gardeners, between sea and land. It was born as a poor dish of fishermen who used that low quality fish difficult to sell. The ingredients provided are extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, basil, yellow pepper and tomato Fish varieties can vary, but should be at least seven, including ray, mullet, cuttlefish, big head, walnut, cod, sea cicala , sole, mussels, clams, redfish, scampi.

BrodettoFest 2021
This year edition was set up by Omnia Comunicazione that managed to create an extraordinary food & wine bonanza, featuring Michelin starred Chefs, show cooking, meetings, kid games, culinary talks and tastings of the best brodetto in the Region.

Here come the Stars!

Three amazing dishes prepared by Michelin starred Chefs. From left RISOTTO RIVIERA ADRIATICA by Alberto Faccani, SPAGHETTO BREZZA MARINA by Michelangelo Mammoliti, CALAMARATA WITH ALKERMES by Silvia Baracchi

The United Cities of Brodetto
Sounds like a new nation! and a very tasty one!
Five chefs showed their skills while cooking different styles of brodetto.
The winner? All five of them… dishese were delicious.

Five different styles of brodetto, one common denominator: a slice of a crunchy roasted bread
you can add unusual extra ingredients , like peppers, saffron or passatelli pasta
The five dishes created by the Chefs from the Marche

Brodetto Experience. Let’s take a class!
From the fish market to the home table in an authentic and convivial atmosphere.
Let’s learn how to cook brodetto together! – Tour to the fish market in Fano to buy fish, then travel to a Show cooking soup in a country house .
With a small group of four ( the lucky ones…) with lived the brodetto school experience. The adventure started quite early in the morning, shopping around the Fano great Fish Market, in order to choose the best ingredients to male the best brodetto ever….

shopping for the right type of fish at the Fano Market
TUQUI Tour Adolfo and with the lovely Ivana, a brodetto expert.

We were guided by Adolfo Ciuccoli, from TUQUI Tour, a travel agency specialized in discovering the Marche Region, aiming to emotionally involve the traveler, who becomes the main actor of the experience.

“Absolutely no clams or mussels in the authentic brodetto! ” Sentenced Signora Ivana the cook in charge of the Experience… “Let the mussels be in my “Pepata” on the side”
et voilà! the brodetto is served ! Buon Appetito!

What In the glass?
Certainly a Bianchello del Metauro, a white white produced in the Marche with the Biancame and long white Malvasia vines, It is a precise, young and versatile wine, with a straw yellow color and a dry, fresh, pleasant taste of wild thyme,
My fav are Asdrubale e Pian dei Fori from Azienda Agricola Mariotti Cesare,

Two Marche excellencies : Bianchello Mariotti Cesare, and Fossa Cheese from Sogliano

The Bianchello d’Autore Project is from the union of some historic producers of Bianchello Metauro DOC and has been entrusted to the experience and professionalism of a careful choice of nine local producers, whose labels bring to the table a wine that can accompany with harmony the most varied dishes, especially those of fish, including the brodetto, a true icon of the Marche cuisine.

Great meals! what about ending with an amazing coffe?
Sure, but must be a moretta!
Moretta Fanese, is a pretty alcoholic corrected coffee originating from the city of Fano also widespread in neighboring areas and cities.
It is strong and sweet, and is usually drunk as a digestive after meals or as an afternoon energizer, since the correction is an alcoholic blend based on aniseed liqueur, rum and brandy.

2021 Brodetto Fest did not ignore it , on the contrary set up the Moretta Competition, featuring barmen and cocktails expert form all over the region and awarding Nicolas Vincenzetti as Best Moretta Maker 2021, The secret ingredients of his winning coffee? ….Anized drink Varnelli, coffee grounds, sugar syrup, lemon peel, rum and brandy, banana juice.
Try to make your own at home!

Brodetto Fest 2022 will be back next year! Check online and Add the dates to your calendar!

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