What wine to pair?

Solara Albana Passito DOCG from Cantine Celli

The Bertinoro vineyards: Solara Albana, is a passito with the Romagna inside
The first year of production of Albana Passito wine for the Celli di Bertinoro company dates back to the mid-80s, although in Romagna the tradition of hanging grapes in the attic is much older. It is harvested in early October, rests for 40 days, to be pressed in mid-November.

I vigneti di Bertinoro. Solara Albana, un passito con la Romagna dentro

This is followed by alcoholic fermentation and aging in barrique for 8 months. It is a wine with a sweet flavor, but balanced by acidity and a slight tannic presence, with an intense shiny golden yellow color and a perfume with notes of apricot, candied fruit, citrus. A perfect passito with fine pastries, chocolate, blue cheeses, pies with fruit jams and acacia honey

INFO Vini Celli

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