Berlin. No borders, no limits, no name. Chef Vicenzo Broszio opens the doors of the “NOname”

Written by Cesare Zucca

L’interno del NOname

“NOname” is a truly unique restaurant in the heart of Berlin’s upscale Mitte district. A place that marks a perfect metamorphosis with its surroundings, where historical details are combined with modern elements. Minimalism and elegance on the table of NOname The concept of NOname is to create a place where guests feel completely free and open to immerse themselves in a new experience. Two special women welcome us: the co-owner Janina Atmadi and a gigantic pin up designed by Anne Bengard.

Barbabietola, cavolo rosso, panna acida, uva

Hi Vicenzo, an almost Italian name. Any Italian ancestors? (laughs) No, just a creative mom … Let’s talk about gastronomic trips. What is your favorite destination? Thailand. I was struck by the way of cooking, especially the techniques of the reductions and the delicious morning street food, when the streets are full of stalls offering local food. One of the best soups I’ve eaten in my life was the one prepared by a lady on the street.
A trip you would like to do? If we talk about a long journey, it would be Japan. I am very interested in the gastronomic cultural experience and in exploring cuisine and techniques. I love sushi and would certainly have a feast of it. First memory in the kitchen? My scrambled eggs. I was already a creative child … I used to put salami instead of bacon …

Vicenzo Broszio

What will I never find in your fridge at home? Wagyu meat … it’s too expensive … Your kitchen in three words Experimental, modern, unique. A dish that represents you particularly? My shiitake mushrooms. Chips and fermented vegetables are prerogatives of the NOname menu and I think this dish represents a beautiful fusion of macadamia nuts, mushrooms and leeks. I am intrigued by combining the intensity of the mushroom with the soft creaminess of the walnut. Can you tell us the recipe? Here it is.



Ingredients and preparation
100 g of shitake, 600 g of vegetable oil (rapeseed is ideal), 100 g of sesame oil. Put everything in a pyrex container and steam in the oven at 85 degrees for 30 minutes. Shiitake 200 g, 3.4 g of salt Vacuum-sealed, let the vacuum-packed food stand for 3 days (not in the refrigerator), open it, mix and heat 300 g of macadamia, 500 g of water, 14g salt Freeze in a Paco type jar. 300 g of leek, 150 g of flour Clean the leek, steam it, then mix it with the flour and spread it on a thin towel or mat, bake for 15 min at 120 degrees
The NOname
Oranienburger Straße 32 Berlin-Mitte

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