Welcome to Potsdam, the “German Versailles”, a historic destination in the Brandenburg region, Germany. It is located a short distance from Berlin, easily reachable by an S7-Bahn train and with a regular ticket that covers zones A, B, C. Rich in sumptuous palaces, many of which are Unesco heritage, it offers art, history, castles, wonderful parks and culinary delicatessen


Charlottenhof Castle
Neuen Palais
Barberini Museum
Sanssouci Palace and Park

My reccomendations
The Cecilienhof Palace where Churchill, Truman and Stalin discussed the future of Germany in the famous 1945 Conference, currently the subject of an exhibition.
Film Museum celebrates Studio Babelsberg, the center of German expressionist cinema of the 1920s: one of the oldest in the world, starring Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang, among others.

Dutch district the most characteristic of the whole city, adorned with 17th century buildings designed by the Dutch architect Boumann.

Soup Bistro

If you fancy a good soup
Der Butt
If you are a fish lover. Excellent traditional dish: eel with dill sauce.

Zum Fliegenden Hollaender
Spartanly hasty, menu in German, although (reluctantly) they will give you the one in English. Typical dish: a rich roast of pork with plums and the traditional kartoffelklosse, potato dumplings, perhaps my favorite dish of the local cuisine.
These great dumplings, also called kartoffelknödel, go well with meats and sauces. The ideal potatoes are the floury ones, such as Russets and Yukon Gold. They should be cooked with the peel, the day before. Cool, peel, mash and refrigerate for 12-24 hours and then mix with the flour, 1 cup of cornstarch, melted butter, eggs, salt and nutmeg.
We then move on to the creation of the gnocchI which must be about 8 cm in diameter and hide a cube of stale bread inside. A gentle boil for about 15 minutes and your kartoffelklosse are ready to be served.
Grandma’s trick
To prevent the gnocchi from sticking to your hands, just wet them with water or dust them with flour.


Welcome to Brandenburg
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