CLASSY OIL: “La classe non è acqua”…ma l’olio sì !

RUSTICHELLA D’ABRUZZO AWARDED IN NEW YORK FOR ITS OILNew York: The World’s Best Olive Oils 2020 awarded Rustichella d’Abruzzo with two Golden Awardst o recognize the the Intosso, a monocultivar variety 100% from Abruzzo, and the classic extra virgin olive oil, the Dritta and Leccino varieties.
The olives, all grown in the Abruzzo region, are still harvested with the “manual burn” technique, which allows to preserve both the integrity of the centuries-old plants and the superior quality of the olives. The commitment and transparency that distinguishes the work of the Rustichella team are fully reflected in their oil, a winning and appreciated product on the tables of as many as 70 countries in the world”.
o divulge the news and promote their oils, Rustichella sent the to press two samples, the classic and the monicultivar. I ‘ll try both and let you know my preference. How classy!

Rustichella d’Abruzzo

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