Coffee liqueur has a long history dating back to the times of the unification of Italy and has always met the taste of consumers.
Espresso Bottega, a new proposal from the Bibano di Godega winery and distillery  draws inspiration from this long tradition and thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and their skilful mixing, is refined and intriguing. It is characterized by the persistent aroma of mocha, by the delicate fruity notes of peach and apricot, as well as by the slight hints of chocolate.

Espresso Bottega is produced exclusively with Arabica coffee of the fine Sidamo and Djmmah varieties, grown in the mountainous area of ​​Ethiopia. The quality, character and personality of this liqueur depend not only on the excellence of the raw materials, but also on the three different types of roasting used and the three different ways of extracting the aromatic component: hot infusion, which allows you to obtain hints of “mocha”, the cold infusion, which gives finesse and enhances the varietal characteristics and, finally, the classic hydro-alcoholic infusion, which gives the product more body and structure. Before filtration and bottling, a small percentage of grappa is added, which gives the product additional intensity.



The moderate alcohol content (20% vol.) Makes it an ideal after-meal, to be eaten smooth or with ice. It is also an excellent ingredient for preparing cocktails. Finally, it can accompany coffee desserts, dry pastries and can add an “alcoholic” touch to tiramisu.




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