Text and Photos by Cesare Zucca-

Qui il concetto è lo stare insieme quindi vivere insieme e spendere del tempo insieme dalle piccole canoe alle biciclette alle attività gratuite come per esempio una camminata di 30 minuti una sessione di yoga gratuita , in modo di riunire la gente e dare dei servizi in più per non dimenticare i materassi sul quale ci si può sdraiare e fare meditazione con degli apparecchi acustici , tutto molto invitante, relax e riposo.

Here the concept is being together, living together and spending time together from small canoes to bicycles to free activities such as a 30 minute walk a free yoga session, in order to bring people together and give extra services for do not forget the mattresses on which you can lie down and meditate with hearing aids, all very inviting, relaxation and rest.


When Downtown Camper City Scandic opened in September last year, it was with an entirely new room category. Modern travel patterns create new needs, and the new room category, Camper Co-Living, has been designed for a more flexible way of living and socializing at the hotel.

What about A byke ride? or a Barbershop? or a nested Sauna?

The atmosphere at Downtown Camper is characterized by togetherness that promotes spontaneity and relaxed socializing. The hotel guests can choose to connect hotel rooms and create open, common areas with space for socializing, for a group of friends, colleagues or the large, extended family.

Of the hotel’s 494 rooms, 18 rooms have been adapted to offer this unique place to stay and hang out. Camper Co-Living can be booked for 6 people up to 12 people.

Downtown Camper is located in the heart of the city in one of Stockholm’s most unexplored urban neighborhoods, Brunkebergstorg. The location provides the perfect starting point for travelers who can switch seamlessly between work and play, activity and relaxation, and people seeking genuine experiences.
Downtown Camper has a modern, playful interior inspired by nature and the concrete jungle of the surrounding neighborhood. It is designed to provide opportunities for spontaneous interaction and togetherness, creative meetings and getting away from it all.

The hotel’s unique Camper Co-Living concept allows up to 12 people to stay in adjoining rooms with a common social space and thus create their own hotel experience. Additionally, there is a large proportion of connecting rooms for people traveling in larger groups.

In the Campfire restaurant, the open fireplace is the focal point where guests can gather to enjoy comfort food from around the world. The menu is based on recognizable childhood favorites, global travel and the change of the seasons, and features a fusion of ingredients from the Swedish forest to the Mediterranean in dishes presented in inspiring ways under the expert eyes of the Executive Chef Caroline Akerstam

Caroline Akerstam

Hotel information
• 494 rooms
• 9 suites
• 16 Camper Co-Living suites for 6 to 12 people with adjoining rooms and common social spaces
• 5 creative spaces for meetings and events:
o Gameroom, a playful environment for up to 40 people
o Cocoon, a chambre separée for 10 people
o Nightwood, a cinema with seating for 25
o Boardroom, a meeting space with tables for 16 people
o Camper Lounge, a lounge with group seating for up to 25 people
• Campfire restaurant and outdoor patio
• Campfire Bar
• The Nest, a rooftop wellness center with experience showers as well as a sauna, gym and pool
(from December 1)
• Cocktail lounge (from December 1)
• Lifestyle concierge
• In-room bartender (from December 1)
• Shop

An amazing sunset view from the Hotel


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