Call them CUOCHI (cooks) …not CHEFS !

Great party on October 13th,14th at the picturesque village Villa Santa Maria (Chieti) located on the top of the beautiful region of Abruzzo, Italy.
The patron of the village is San Francesco Caracciolo, born here in 1563, considered to be the patron of all the cooks of the world. As a matter of fact, in 1560 the Caracciolo family built the first cooking school, the idea was born from the practice of the hunters to challenge themselves in the kitchen as cooks and waiters returning from hunting. The goal was to train the court cooks and the nobles of the time. In Via Roma you can visit the museum where you can retrace the history of the school.
The 2018 FESTA DEI CUOCHI (Feast of Cooks) is celebrating this year its 40th anniversary and will boast the best of the local and international cuisines along with music performances,, meetings, show cooking and well-known Italian TV celebrities and of course the cooks who will prepare their best dishes in the central square of the village.
Here we are at an important birthday – says mayor Pino Finamore – the 40th anniversary of the Feast of Chefs! A satisfaction for the whole country and for all the Abruzzo that has managed to keep intact such a beautiful tradition. The long history that embraces Villa Santa Maria is an element of great culture, a heritage that we must carry forward and deliver to future generations, so as to celebrate many other birthdays! “.
As always, there will be the usual appointment of the “Open Doors” at the prestigious Istituto Alberghiero Giovanni Marchitelli, national excellence that is based in the Abruzzi area: this school, founded in the early 1900s, professionally trained chefs who bring the kitchen Italian around the world.
Do not miss the calendar of meetings and show cooking! At the Festa dei Cuochi there will be the last winner of the Masterchef program, Simone Scipioni who will prepare a recipe that is still top secret. Also scheduled a “Salotto del Gusto” with the nutritionist Corrado Pierantoni who will give an overview together with the beloved Rocco Pagano, former player of Serie A of Pescara, entitled “We train at the table”: a chat about the correct diet to follow and on the secrets that all athletes must respect to be always fit and full of energy. Following the inviting aromas of the kitchen of Sabatino Lattanzi, executive chef of Zunica 1880 Ristorante & Hotel: a show cooking in which will be presented a kitchen that will amaze and conquer all palates, even the most demanding.
Sunday, as usual, will start with a visit to the Istituto Alberghiero Marchitelli and demonstrations of the skill of the students followed by their teachers. At the same time, the main street of the town will be filled with stands, tasting tables and products all made in Abruzzo: a long corridor full of sweet and savory regional delicacies! In the afternoon there will be a particular …
Test of the Cook: four mayors of the area, two of the hinterland and two of the coast, will challenge each other by preparing a typical mountain recipe and a typical recipe of the sea; the winning couple will be chosen by a special jury, led by chef Pino Finamore, as well as mayor of Villa Santa Maria. Also on Sunday, you can attend an interesting meeting on the history and preparation of traditional recipes that see among the main ingredients the native wines of the region.I had the opportunity to participate at last year edition , had a great time and finally asked to ‘cuochi’ what would be the difference between a cook and a chef .The chef prepare complicate dishes that look amazing and appeal to the view…We, cooks, make our traditional dishes that just taste great!
Between the sponsors, the famous Pasta De Cecco, a world-renowned brand for the production of durum wheat pasta and the great Tollo Wines, one of the largest wineries in central and southern Italy, now a leader in numbers and quality for organic wines in a BIO variety of white, red and rosè.
see you at
LA FESTA DEI CUOCHI October 13th,14th
Villa Santa Maria (Chieti)

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