An Italian tradition, wrapped by hand…with love.

Welcome to Dronero: a tiny medieval town in the province of Cuneo, Italy
It all started in 1964 when Celestino e Giuseppina Brignone purchased the previous activity of Munsù Einaudi, a sophisticated pastry chef working in France since1920,




They opened the Pasticceria Brignone and since then three generations of pastry chefs have been taking care of the traditional pastry as well as innovating it with new flavors.
Top of the line is the original totally handmade White Dronerese, created in 1890 and made of two crumbly meringues and a heart of chocolate, rum and custard (the classic recipe) or with Gianduja cream, with Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP. From the preparation of the meringues, to the drilling, to the filling with the sac à poche, to the double wrapping with the classic white or red and green glossy paper… the only utensils used for the production are the hands of expert people working at Brignone cooking a ‘made with love’ Dronerese.




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