Sicilian oranges conquer USA

This year the NY Summer Fancy Food will smell and taste of Sicilian oranges…

In the Level 3 at Booth 2220 the annual event will host for the first time Mongibello, the new red Sicilian orange juice  by Oranfrizer, with a name inspired by Etna Volcano.
The product will participate in the Italian Food Awards USA 2017, is thought and dedicated only to the American market.

Over the Ocean, the company exports non-sourced juices for 20 years, with the launch of Mongibello and targeted communications strategies to propose new sales channels.I tried it and I lived it! No concentrate, it tastes like a real just squeezed fresh orange..




The NY Summer Fancy Food Show is the best specialty food industry trade event in North America, from June 25t till 27th ,



                 If you will be in NY, do not miss to tray this nectar of Sicily !



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