Milan: seven great events. What do they have in common? Berlucchi!

Milan Design Week is coming !
I choose for you seven events that represents art,creativity and innovation,
not to mention a great toast with one of the greatest sparkling wine
from Franciacorta territory, the world-renowned Berlucchi.

Friday, March 31 at 10pm
The club Circolo Reduci e Combattenti  Via Volta is hosting the installation  “Oriental knowledge and contamination of authentic and imaginary worlds.”created by Luisa Delle Piane Gallery and the artist Andrea Anastasio, where “elements of nature and furnishings will blend into an abstract landscape.”

Sunday, April 2 from 5 to 9pm
Irony and elegance in Piazza Arcole 4 for the presentation of the collection of LaDoubleJ Housewives.

Monday, April 3
At Dimore Studio Via Solferino 11 , launch of the new collection of furnishings, lights and carpets Progetto Non Finito and the fabrics of Progetto Tessuti.
Wednesday, April 5
“Find the Way” in the Baxter Cinema Largo Augusto, that  will be trasformed in a magical forest, with a multimedia art installation with great visual impact. 
Also on April 5, from 6 to 9
A Berlucchi toast in the central library Taschen.
Another event Dimore studio April 6
The club Circolo Reduci e Combattenti will host the press presentation of the outdoor verandas collection.
Grand Finale Friday, April 7
The Diana Majestic Viale Piave, with host the annual Baxter Party from 19:30 to midnight.

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