Magic for the inner child within you

festival magia“Festival della Magia” a Festival of Magic hosted by comedian and magician Raul Cremona, brings to the stage some of the most interesting Italian magicians.
From Aldo Nicolini aka Uncle Potterfestival4, who mysteriously loses his head,






to the flamboyant Ottavio Belli festival magia 1who enchants the audience with daring disappearances  through blades of fire.
From Shezan who creates from nothing a dozen of lanterns,festival6
to the
14 year old Elisa Rossi playing her amazing Chinese rings,festival 2
Mirko Menegatti’s traditional games with the doves.festival5
The poetry of Clown Carillon opens and closes the show with a triumph of soap bubbles festival 10
while the great host Cremona performs some magic numbers.
A special applause to an irresistible comedian GianLuca “Felipe” Beretta, who plays a dumb viewer involved in some tricks.
“A show is not only for children, but also for the inner child
within any adults” Cremona said.Raul_Cremona_©_Efrem_Raimondi_100_Sito
Till January 6th 2016 at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan.
Here Info for time schedule and tickets



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