Welcome to a magic place considered the most pristine of
the entire Dolomite group, today UNESCO World Heritage:
Friuli Venezia Giulia Dolomites
Photo:Mario Verin

montagna estate

Friulian Dolomites” were built for families!
That’s the motto of Club Product Family Mountain Experience, with which the Agency has collected TurismoFVG accommodation facilities with adequate characteristics to welcome guests of all ages
What should I expect?
The club includes hotels, farms, guest houses, rooms or apartments suitable to accommodate families, with recreational areas and an amazing recreation staff that can provide information and advice on children’s activities, places to visit, events, and useful practical information.
Do you whant more?
Upon request, you ”ll find babysitting service, breakfast buffet, a restaurant or in the immediate vicinity, flexibility mealtimes, the presence of pottery and materials for the comfort of the little ones too table.
What will I find?
Unspoiled nature, history, art, traditions and local products are the essential ingredients of the proposed tourist season in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia, 
Small villages, shops and carpenters, blacksmiths forges and mills,ancient crafts.
What will I do?
Hiking, canyoning, tree climbing, hiking with a donkey or horse are just some of the many outdoor activities proposed, adapted and made accessible to children
What about local food?
Traditional and contemporary gastronomy, simple yet rich in flavors, with specialties worthy of PDO and Slow Food.Great soups, fresh mushroom with polenta, lots of fruits&vegetables, river fish, and more, more, more…
Are you ready to discover this paradise?
For more information visit:

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