It will be a great occasion to  get closer to Poland through a series of events held within the exhibition hall, the area in front and inside the city area. In the Poland Pavilion, you will find interactive installations and video themes, broken down by regions, creating an interesting virtual journey of the country: the Malopolska region, with 14 UNESCO sites, the magnificent city of  Krakow, pol horse  copy copy the Podlasie region, an area of ​​wilderness, great traditions, multiculturalism and numerous paths for cycling; the Lower Silesia region from the rich and varied landscape with ancient cities, prestigious spas and the city of  Wrocław, which in 2016 will be the European Capital of Culture;In addition to that you will discover cities of the Baltic Sea, amber; the capital Warsaw, UNESCO World Heritage town, exuberant, lively and full of life, with a cultural offer so rich that it boasts 28 theaters, 35 museums and 60 art galleries;pol war Finally Lublin, hosting the early famous Carnival of Acrobats. During the week it will be also presented the  Greenvelo Project,  the longest cycle path in Poland that crosses five regions of the territory east of the country. One of the attractions of the Pavilion is its magical garden. The winning design relates to one of Poland’s top agricultural exports – apples. Piotr Musiałowski, leading the architectural team, during the conceptualization of the Pavilion, sought to create a symbolic maze, with a magical garden as its focal point – a Polish orchard, full of apple trees. The hidden garden becomes a resting place on the other side of the mirror. An apple orchard reflected in infinite space is clearly associated with the Polish agriculturepolOhhhh I forgot about polish food ! Poland offers a culinary paradise that deserves  to be discover and tastefully experimented!

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