Cous Cous Fest in S.Vito Lo Capo. Bravi ragazzi!

Every year the beautiful Sicilian town of S.Vito Lo Capo hosts a huge Cous Cous Fest featuring a contest to award the best, the most original and the better looking
cous cous of the year.
SAM_4204 copy

Experts and Chefs superstar from all over the world meet here to create and cook dozen of yummy the kitchen  copySAM_4263 copy

The kitchen is a real battlefield, the temperature is heating up, the stress is on! Everybody is working hard. although I think that the “i veri eroi”
( the real heroes) should be considered the great guys from the Palermo.’s Institute Pietro Piazza coordinated by Professors Rosario Picone and Vincenzo Prinzivalli.

boy  copy 4   girl  copy                                                    Imagine a squad of young tireless, professional waiters and chef-assistantschef assistant copy able to prepare and serve more than 900 dishes during a grueling, nerve-wracking three-day competition..girls  copy
Always with a big smile on their faces.  Bravi ragazzi!
squad copy



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