… I lost my luggage! What shall I wear on the red carpet tonight?

                   by Cesare Zucca for ONE, the pleasure of the luxury                                http://www.behance.net/gallery/ONE-Il-piacere-del-lusso/10222663                     

                                   THE GLAMOROUS MARK HOTEL                                              Here you are in New York but at the baggage claim you discover that your suitcases are lost somewhere and in a few hours you have an important appointment that you can’t miss! All the “lost luggage person” will be happy with the new collaboration between the Mark Hotel themarkhotel. com, one of the most exclusive hotels in Manhattan and the store Bergdorf Goodman bergdorfgoodman.com one of the most prestigious clothing stores on Fifth Avenue. Actually the Mark offers its guests private access to the shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So do not panic! On the phone, or mobile phone, you can solve the problem at any time of the day or night, all remaining in the comfort of your own room, wi- thout even leaving, the concierge Mark hotel has supplied a private line with Bergdorf Goodman and his personal shopping department, a service that has a list of professional experts in super fashion shopping. The hotel offer the service free of charge. The personal Shopper, deliveries and the whims of the host… are included in the room rate!                                                                                                                        

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