The latest creation by FUSTO Milano is a kit of 7 natural fruit compotes, which reflect the colors of the rainbow, to be shared with anyone you love
Milan.  Bread, love and … jam! This is the ideal recipe to celebrate Milan Pride Week.
The pastry chef Gianluca Fusto pays tribute to love in all its forms and in all its flavors by presenting the Rainbow Kit: a selection of 7 spoonfuls, each in a rainbow color, for breakfasts and snacks to be shared with the own partner. Last creation of FUSTO Milano in the new laboratory located just a few steps from the Porta Venezia Rainbow District.
We move from more contemporary combinations, such as blueberries, ginger and lemon; avocado, green apple and basil or pineapple, mango and passion fruit, with the purest and most “simple” flavors, such as strawberry and lemon. There are also some signature combinations of Gianluca Fusto’s pastry: purple apricot, passion fruit and vanilla or peach snuffbox, lychee and raspberry. All spoonful compotes enhance the natural colors of the fruit, contain a very low amount of added sugar and are without dyes or preservatives.
“Made with love: SPREAD LOVE!” – this is the claim of Gianluca Fusto and partner Linda Massignan.
The Rainbow Kit including all 7 compounds in the colors of the rainbow costs 65 €, but they can also be purchased individually at a cost of 10 €.
The product belongs to the Elements line, which will soon expand with other interesting creations by the pastry chef: biscuits, pralines, chocolates and single portions.
To book delivery or takeaway, simply send an email to
or a WhatsApp message to 345/4611227.

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