Florence will host 2023 Taste with best food & wines Italian excellences.

by Cesare Zucca

From Feb 3-6 2023 at the magnificent Fortezza da Basso
Stories of female farming entrepreneurs, from invisibility to women as the protagonists of agriculture.  Because women are increasingly choosing to work the land, registering at the Faculty of Agriculture, leading farm business

Also the meaning of fashion for pasta  Words and images about the mutual fascination between pasta and fashion, from esthetics to eros and taste. _This is the pasta women are made from! Generations, foods, cultures, latitudes compared.  With the participation of a Sfoglina and its tortellini; Xin Ge Liu from Il Gusto Dim Sum; Matilde Pettini animator at Dalla Lola and its pasta with tomato.

_Food to the rhythm of music: sound linked to the world of food and wine  How much is our perception of food influenced by sound?  We discuss this with journalist and writer Anna Prandoni, a musician, a chef and a sound technician involved in the sound-proofing of restaurants. .


From Feb 3-6 2023 at the magnificent Fortezza da Basso

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