Valle dei Cavalieri, please ADOPT ME…





Today I take you to Succiso, a small village of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that has attracted Japanese, American, Swiss, Burmese, Canadian and Korean researchers who aim to climb the hairpin bends immersed in the nature of Emilia Romagna. I discovered the COOP VALLE DEI CAVALIERI  that runs a bar, a grocery store with locals products, the visit center of the Park, an efficient restaurant, with annexed six rooms with bathroom, and ultimately also a center well-being, extra service both for guests and for occasional tourists and hikers. The farm also offers hospitality, genuine homemade food, locally produced sheep cheese, and porcini mushrooms. The restaurant offers “Menu Kilometro 0″, guaranteeing quality and freshness and recovering and enhancing the agro-food and gastronomic heritage of the National Park. The Park project aims to encourage local and traditional agro-food supply chains, bring producers and consumers closer together, and encourage forms of tourism related to the excellence of the territory.
The products of our farm range from lamb to castrato, from Pecorino cheese to cured meats, from homemade tortelli to pizza bread and homemade desserts.
Main agricultural activity of the Cooperative which consists in breeding of Sardinian sheep. E ‘started with about 20 items bought at the time by a Sardinian shepherd who moved to the lower Reggiana and currently has 200 heads of which 160 milking; the breeding is of sedentary type and mainly dedicated to the production of milk. With the 200 garments currently present in the company, the Cooperative produces in the mini-owned dairy about 50 quintals of “Pecorino dell’Appennino Reggiano” cheese according to a certified specification.
In order to reach this number of garments, genetic selection has been neglected over the years. Today it is indispensable to have a minimum milk production from each garment so that the economic return is balanced and we can continue with this difficult (at least for the areas in question) activities. Therefore, a “restructuring” of the flock is essential. What is the goal to achieve? to purchase a ram of genetic improver for the new breed of Sardinian breed and 20 “Lacoune” sheep with a ram.With your free offer, you can contribute to achieve this important goal and support this Community Cooperative which is a virtuous example of how the responses of the community, also supported by local authorities, create services and overcome inefficiencies, generating economic and employment value not negligible within the same community.
So …. adopt a sheep!
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